Thursday, May 15, 2014

Building a bed -

Im trying to make things from salvaged wood. I used dumpster doors to make this bed. Its not finished yet - but - its still pretty good.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

New video - and new machine.

Hi everyone - 

Im back with a new video and a new machine. 

Its been a long cold winter for all of us! I got myself a new job and have not had time to do much quilting.

But - Im getting settled into my new routine and have had some time to make some movies and quilts.

My facebook quilting page.

Im still scrap quilting like crazy.

But, I also have been working through a few commissions. The above quilt is a adorable little table top quilt i made for a client. She sent me tons of fabrics to make quilts from. Every week for months I got a box of fabric from her - and now Im slowly plugging through some quilt orders she asked me to make.

I also got a new machine - it is a Viking Sapphire 930. Great little machine. 

And George is still healthy and lazy.

Things are all good here. In addition to starting work again ive been doing a drag show every week for a few months. Ive still been really busty and enjoying life. Im posting all of the time on the facebook quilt page - but am thinking about posting more on this page, too. I miss having a blog.