Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2 threads - one needle?

Do you guys ever use two threads in one needle?

Ive been wanting to try out some of the thicker threads available for free motion quilting and haven't got around to buying any. Today I had the idea to try putting two threads through the needle to get some extra thickness and its working out great!

Ive added two of the same color (orange) and it looked great. Here is how that came out.

It was easy to load the thread and I had no problem with shredding using a 100 needle. Each of the threads were 40 wt.

I also liked the greater impact the double threads made.

I also used two threads but different tones. One thread was deep forest green and the other thread was a chartreuse.

I love the way the two threads mix. It almost looks like a variegated thread - the lighter and darker threads are bolder together than they would be on their own. Here is what they look like on a bigger surface.

I had bought two spools of thicker thread to try this method. But, I need to pick up some top stitch needles to try out the thicker threads.

I dont know why the two threads are working on a 100 needle and the thicker threads wont work - but Im not going to question it. The tension had to be a little lower for free motion - as usual.

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