Tuesday, March 6, 2012

bright color!

i love color! bright color!

i made this table cloth using t-shirt scraps. first, i put together a bunch of patches using a blanket stitch.

i dont bother with measuring or worry about size .. i just put together a bunch of blocks.

after all kinds of blocks are put together, i got out an old round table cloth. i used the same blanket stitch to applique the patches onto the table cloth. a straight stitch would work, too. a straight stitch is fine but, there will be some fray of the fabric if you wash it. a zig zag stitch would work, to.

if there are spots where your pre made blocks dont match u- just use a piece of scrap to fill in the hole.

i never use any interfacing on the blocks. i just sew them down. they can overlap. they dont need to be straight.

i decided to put a back and some old batting in this one - and, free motion quilted it to death.

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