Thursday, March 15, 2012

flip and sew quilt

the drag queen quilter is not big on rules.  (tonight spell check is not working.)

here is my take on making a crazy looking quilt block without measuring or cutting blocks or being anal at all.

step 1.

pull out some of your crap fabric scraps. get your iron going, close to you if you can. fold a square piece of fabric in half and then half again - iron the piece - open it and poof! use those iron lines to cut out 4 squares. (see my squares, iron and scraps?)

step 2

pick out color and sew it right side down, if you want to center your block - sew the seam in the center.. but who cares where it is at. blocks look best messy.
step 3

flip the piece over with your iron and iron it flat.

step 4

pick put the next color, place it on the unsewn side of the first fabric (right sides together) and sew a seam. Take the block back to the iron and flip the new piece over and iron - repeat repeat repeat in circular motions or however you want until you finish your blocks.

i like to sew in lots of different patterns. these few blocks i wanted to look kinda a-like. so i did every block in the same pattern. one color at a time, every block. like this ...

Measuring the pieces is easy - and making the lines straight (ish) is easy too- look at the following pics.
see how i lined up the brown piece (right side down)  at the edge (on the right hand side) of the shortest piece of green fabric? and see how its as long as the shortest piece of orange fabric (on the lower left?)

these are my 6 little blocks - they are kinda the same but all different.

I could make little tea/coffee cup holders from them - or save them for some radical quilt project - make cards, a scarf, applique them on a pillow case ... endless options.

you can sew in diamonds

do it however you want.

to make it faster i do sew a strip on every block then iron every block - it feels faster to me.

this is a great way to use op your scraps - you bought the stuff dont throw it out without a fight!

enjoy !

sorry the spell check was bustd t-night.

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