Tuesday, March 6, 2012

free motion quilting.

i love to free motion quilt. i like circles and patterns but, also really likes lines, grids and cross hatching.

i fee motion quilt using my domestic sewing machines. i have one of the high speed straight stitch only machines. i just got the machine a few months ago and i love it! it seems like the faster i free motion quilt the better my results are. the domestic machines were way to slow for me. even for piecing the machines were too slow.

above is some of the stitches made with the high speed machine. im very happy with the way they look. that was a quilt i made for a friend. its 100% polyester - i found boxes of the fabric last summer and saved every box! i love quilting with the polyester.

i stitched out that pattern over the top of the whole quilt - at high speed! it was fun - but, might have looked better if I did lines instead.

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