Monday, March 5, 2012

small space quilting

jeans quilt.

i dont have a "design wall." i live in a micro (250sf) condo with my two dogs. i dont have a design wall... but, i do have bunk beds! i toss fabrics on the top bunk till they look nice in a pile - then, rip up the fabrics and sew them back together. thats all anyone needs - a few feet of space to toss fabric together. if it looks like it will work - rip it up and sew it together! its not expensive to fail - used fabric is cheap! even an ugly bit of quilting looks good on the back of a quilt, right?

too many anal people are in the quilt work and teaching. dont buy their crap about "only sewing with quilting cotton" and 1/4 inch seams! its all bull.

that quilt is 100% recycled fabric. its jeans and corduroy - its heavy. it was thick enough that i decided not to put a batting on the inside. besides, i like having 4-5 blankets on my bed at one time and this blanket never ended up on my bed - i tossed it over a pile of junk i did not want anyone to see.

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