Monday, March 5, 2012

modern quilt guilt

i love to quilt. i quilt everyday. i have some guilt and reservations about all the products the quilt market wants us to buy.

for example.

i tried to sew on old machines because it felt like the right thing to do. thing is, im not a fix it kind of gal. i broke three vintage machines in a few months and decided that I would try out the new machines. i dont feel great about the working conditions of the factories .. but, i am not a fix it girl and the old machines did not work out for me. i tried to treadle to really save on power and stuff.. but, i could not even get the new belts onto the machines (yes, i tried two of those treadles).

so, the new machines are a little part of the quilt guilt.

new fabric everywhere is another part of the quilt guilt.

used fabric is everywhere! used fabric is cheap! so many quilting guides make it so expensive to quilt and thats not right. quilting should be cheap and everyone should be able to sew some old clothes into a quilt and be proud of completing the quilt.

i understand that utility quilting is not the same as the part of quilting history that the quilting schools represent. i understand lots of quilting is art created by ladies. i understand how important that is to present and document. my quilting is made from recycled fabrics and intended to be used. my friends love the things i make them. i love sleeping under quilts i make.

i understand some quilting is art. i respect that. my quilting is recycled and meant to be used. i respect that, too.

i dont sew quilt blocks. they bore me.

i dont sew with quilt patterns - boring.

i dont care about 1/4 inch seams. i dont care!

batting is more junk we dont need in order to make a nice quilt. used blankets are great quilt battings.

sure, ive made lots of recycled fabric quilts that look like rip-offs of the gee's bend quilts. but, the truth is .. my grandmother made quilts that looked like this also. she used old clothes and blankets/sheets and made great quilts. i made this quilt for a friend. he and his husband adopted three kids and i made them three quilts from old clothes.

this quilt has ripples and i had to put a patch on it because there was a hole in the fabric. i think its a very beautiful quilt. and its functional. there is an old blanket used as batting and a sheet on the back. i channel quilted it.

this blog is about making quilting affordable, easy and accessible to more quilters.

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