Friday, March 16, 2012

National Quilting weekend!

I love love that is letting people watch their ENTIRE catalogue for free this weekend! Go watch!

I just paid for a subscription - and with my subscription I cant watch old seasons, only the new ones. So, this weekend is a real treat! I got the subscription because with a subscription the entire series "why quilts matter" is free to watch. It was pretty good - but basically its hours of clips of people reiterating that there are no quilt rules and that the entire spectrum on quilt makers are making great products.

Yay a pro/rich person/artist said what we all know to be true. Yay.

Fine I'll type using capitol letters!

That's, George.

By the way - I also subscribed to - I feel like that website is a better deal. I paid one price for a year and get access to all the seasons of about 20 different programs.

But this weekend all of the shows at quilt show are free - go watch!!


  1. It's all about selling stuff anyway; not about the art of quilting. I'm such a cynic.

    1. I feel like your right most of the time with the selling --- but, they give tips that aer good. I like to watch while I sew. I dont really like to sit down to read.