Tuesday, March 6, 2012

sewing machines

i love sewing machines! - right now, i have two new pfaff machines and a vintage viking and a vintage kenmore.

i sew most days, all day. i hope to become a full time quilter.

i belong to a few websites where people talk about sewing machines, allot. im honestly grossed out by people who tell new sewers who dont know if they even like sewing to buy an high prices machine right out of the gate. just today some person told a newbie to buy a 5000 dollar machine! CRAZY!

dont do it. buy a 50.00 or less oldie and see if you even like sewing.

im very against the idea that is floated that sewing needs to be an expensive hobby.

used fabric is everywhere and its cheap. i love small quilt shops dont get me wrong. but, i dont buy new fabric, its too expensive and there is plenty of used fabric to go around,

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