Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Get out!"

Yesterday, I got so sick of my couch breaking all the time that I decided to throw it out.

I guess the thing lasted three years, I bought it because I needed a bed. It was a fouton couch. I moved it around my house a few times, and slept on it for a few years.. I dont know if I think three years is long enough for it to have lasted ... but, I was tired of pretending that it was not broken.

Both arms were falling off, I had put them back on a few times.. and it still was falling apart.

But, now its gone!

My tiny house feels so much bigger now!

But, where are my dogs going to sleep?

I guess they will have to cuddle up with me!!

(shhh dont tell them Im thinking about moving my bed back up into the loft!!)

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