Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hard work!

Ive been busting my hump working on getting things done for the show. Its really exciting to have my first show so, it made the work easy. But, I have been working hard for it.

I wanted to have lots of new work in sizes and prices ranges that would make lots of potential shoppers happy.

I also wanted to be happy with the style and quality of the things I sent out.

Ive got another new quilt almost done for the show - but, for some reason in the last half hour of quilting I was having lots of thread shredding. I changed the needle, rethreaded... repeat, repeat --- and nothing fixed the problem. I messed with tension, too and changed threads ... I had to give up and take some time off.

Its late so, Ill prob take out the dogs and lay down for bed.

I haven't said yet in this post, but - dont forget I sew with recycled fabrics. While I enjoy contemporary quilts. The modern quilt movement isnt totally my thing. I dont really like minimal design. I like max design.

Anyhow - thanks for reading.

If you should be interested in buying any of my work please contact me @ TaffyPulls@gmail.com

I also will make quilts from your old fabric.

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