Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Work - Raw Edg applique - and Free Motion..

Ive been working on a new quilt. It is another Raw Edge applique quilt. This time I mixed dots and stripes and some bright color.

I think I posted a pic of the start of the quilt the other day - but, there is another pic of how I started. I was having a hard time deciding what to do with the rest of the quilt. I decided to put blue and brown dot/stripe in the unfinished part.

I had messed up the timing of the Smarter C1100 pro by using a zig zag stitch on a straight stitch foot and it was away getting fixed for a day so, for a day I appliqued using my straight stitch machine, it works out fine.

The pic below is the set up I have for free motion quilting. I like to use a corner and have lots of support on the side of the machine.

I do not like to use pins or safty pins to baste the quilt. I dont really like to baste. I dont do it.

Sometimes I have some small tucks - and I deal with that.

The above pic is what the finished quilt top looks like close up. I used a cool batting Recycled soda bottle batting its called quilters dream green batting. I loved working with it - and it has a nice loft and quilts easy.

People wonder what the back of my quilts look like because I dont like to baste - this quilt looks really nice. I have tucks sometimes - sure - but, I just deal with them. This quilt looks pretty good.

That is what the blue and brown part look like - almost finished quilting.

Im very very happy with the quality and style of the quilts Iv been making. Ive never seen quilts like this before. Im so happy with that.

Please dont take my pics or ideas.

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