Saturday, April 14, 2012

Out in drag last night

I had so much fun last night. I found a big piece of lame fabric and made a dress.

I went out and danced like crazy. It was crazy fun. Today Im even a little tired from being so nuts last night.

I also spent lots of time reading posts online about sewing machines. Im obsessed with machines.

Im pretty sure I dont want the Pfaff C-1100 pro. I dont like a few things about the way the computer is set to work. I think it could be a fine machine - it is a very strong machine. It works well. I would still tell people who are looking at machines to go and look at the C-1100 pro.

I have to say - part of the reason I bought a Pfaff is because the Pfaff dealer here is wonderful! I love the Pfaff dealer. I also really like 9mm stitches and the idea of the IDT (built in walking foot).

I may talk to the dealer and see if I can trade out the C-1100 pro for a used Q.E. 4.0 she has in the store. But, I dont know what I will do. I'll talk to the dealer Monday and see what she is willing to do.

I also may be interested in selling the machine myself and taking the cash. I find Im using the Grand Quilter for most of my sewing.

So, Ive been working on the ugly quilt today -- its getting pretty. Its huge, a queen size!

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