Thursday, April 12, 2012

Smarter by Pfaff c1100 pro review

I wanted to add some thing to my review of the c-1100 pro.

I still like the machine. But, there is something going on with the low bobbin light. It is coming on all the time. Its at the shop to get fixed as I type. I see that some of the Singer l-500's have had the same problem. And, some other Pfaff owners have had issues with the sensor going off at odd times.

Also, I messed the timing up. I used the quilting foot with a straight stitch needle hole and accidentally put the machine on a zig-zag. Instead of just breaking the needle it messed the timing of the machine.

The bobbin thing was happening before I messed up the timing and then started again after I got the machine home from being fixed.

I guess its just a rocky start, its been in the shop twice in the three months Ive had it. Once was my fault, though - I should get over that. But, Im having a hard time.

There are two other things that are bothersome about the machine.

They are hard to explain in words.

One is the "needle down" button. The machine will reset itself to "needle up" after each time you use the thread cutter. That is very annoying. Imagine you are sewing applique. Each time you use the thread snips and start a new seam, you have to reset the "needle down" so the fabric does not shift. Its and extra button I dont need to press every seam.

My grand quilter has needle down and no matter how many times I use the thread cutter the needle will still stop in the down position when I start to sew again.

The other problem is a kind of computer problem, also. I HATE that the "pattern end" key will stay on after the pattern has finished. Imagine you are stitching out some deco stitches - you press the pattern end key, the pattern finishes and ties off - you switch the deco stitch to a new stitch and start to sew .. the machine sews one of the patterns and stops (with the needle up ;) because you did not reset it to down) and only put out one of the patterns because you had to turn off the "pattern end" ... very annoying.

I guess, those things I totally might still get used to - but, because Im having a bobbin light problem -- im mad about it.

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