Thursday, April 12, 2012

Things are going great!

I had the quilt show and a drag show all in one week! WOAH!


I made a few drag dresses and wore them OUT! Girl, those things were falling off of me when I got home. I wore those things OUT!

I did the song "Im beautifull" by Bette Midler last night at a show for the Birthday celebration of a dear OLD friend. My Drag Mother - ! I feel like people really got a great laugh out of my number and, thats what I do drag for.

Here is the quilt Ive been working on.

I think its good to show pics of quilts all stages. They can be pretty ugly and scary for much of the quilt making process. Taffys tip for the day ... keep sewing!

Just keep going, most of us went through a nasty phase (or three!) .. just keep sewing.

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