Friday, June 1, 2012

Another new toy -- My Bernina 530

I came across a great deal on a Bernina and bought it.

I feel a little nuts for buying it on a whim the way I did. The machine is great - very very classy. But, the harp is really small for quilting and I love thread snips to be auto. I am a lead foot and the auto cutter just makes it one second faster to quilt.

The Bernia may not stick around here - as much as I have bitched about the Smarter by Pfaff - Im starting to really love it.

The Bernina 530 seems like a solid machine, it does things really well... I had a hard time doing raw edge applique with it.. the fabric kept getting bunched up in front of the foot even with my adjusting the pressure foot ... the pfaff never had any problem with feeding.

The Bernina also ate my fabrics a few times -- maybe wrong needle .. but, with a 5.5mm needle hole it really pissed me off as the Pfaff does not eat fabric at all and it has a 9 mm hole where the needle is.

I am also used to the dual feed on the Pfaff and the needle up/down via front foot press -- the heel press thing on the Bernina is a odd move for me and feels funny. But, thats just my first impressions.

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