Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I finished with the KING size quilt -

Another recycled fabric quilt!

I went crazy doing free motion quilting- I messed with as many different patterns as I could think of in the blocks. I dont know as many patterns I some people - and, Ive never been good at doodles. I am better at making patterns.

This quilt is huge - a big bad KING size one.

The batting is not recycled in this quilt - it is a new cotton batting - Im pretty excited to see what happens when it shrinks a little bit when I dry it.

Working with recycled T-shirt fabrics - I have come to accept that I will have some tucks and folds in the quilted tops. I am more interested in color and pattern anyhow -- I forgive those tucks.

You can see I used a straight Stitch to applique the pieces. I sold the Zig-Zag machine and am using my Straight Stitch machine now for everything.

I took these pics outside before all of the quilting was finished.

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