Friday, August 17, 2012

My dog died.

My little doggie, Red - decided he was ready to go to the next place.

Red was my dog that would stay awake and sit beside me at parks looking around just like is is doing in the bottom pic. He loved to watch the world. He loved to run as fast as he could. When he was little (I adopted him when he was about a year old - and that was about three years ago) he could out run any dog at the dog park. He would get dogs to chase him and just run with his head facing backwards looking at the dog chasing him like he was sayng "ha ha ha, you cant get me!!".

He was enthusiastic about everything he did.. running, watching the world and sleeping and gettng cuddled with.

Ive been a mess all day. Ive never had a dog for as long as I had Red.

My other doggie, George and Red were good friends .. Im sad for George today, too .. He will miss is play partner.


  1. We are so sad for you and George! Poor Red! Please accept our sympathy. -- Patty

    1. Thank - you. Im sorry ive been sleepy with responding.