Friday, September 28, 2012

I finished the Irish Chain quilt --

Here are some finished pics --

Some of the center blocks have a dense quilting pattern ..

All of the 9 patches have a squiggle pattern. 

Some pics showing the diff fabrics --

All done -- I really do like the pattern and the quilt. I think any time I want to make another Irish chain I will remember there needs to be lots of contrast between the chain and the background.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Irish chain quilt -

Im happy with the progress on this quilt -- and results.

I dont know if its going to get more rows of boxes or a boarder and then a solid ..? I dont know yet what direction Ill go - but, I know its not quite done yet.

This new quilt direction is odd -- Im surprised by it. I never thought I wanted to make quilts with blocks .. but, I like the way they are looking, too.

Still with the recycled fabric's, though.

Im working on an irish chain quilt

Saturday, September 22, 2012

collection by mistake ...

When I bought all of the Polyester fabric -- lots of patterns came with the collection..

Now, I have a collection of patterns -- I had all of the patterns under my bed for a year - but, now -- no bed = no free storage. Time to get rid of the patterns.

Still cleaning -- idea's for 100% Polyester.

I have a huge variety of vintage 100% polyester fabric. Lots of the pieces are 6-7 yards long and 60 or so inches wide. 

The 100% polyester section of my stash accounts for probably only 20% of the whole but, The pieces are so big that they are a challenge to work with when I dont like them but present a great chance to get in some huge pieces for color blocks in quilts ... 

I got all this fabric last summer, from craigslist (site unseen). And ad showed up for 30 boxes of fabric for 20.00. I jumped on it. I was sorta new at sewing and did not care - (I would still buy it now) - Anyhow ... here are some projects Ive made from that fabric. 

The above quilt is double sided - no batting - 100% polyester.

The above quilt is 100% polyester - no batting - polyester back. (Gees bend copy)

The above quilt is 100% polyester - poly back, also and a cotton batting.

                                                   The above quilt is 100% poly double sided

The above quilt is 100% poly and cotton batting poly back

The above quilt is 100% poly - no batting 100% poly back

The above quilt is 100% poly - with light cotton batting and poly back.

  I made all of those quilts from that 30 box stash I bought on Craigs list. I like working with poly in projects that can be applique or not many small seams - when there are lots of seams old style polys are too thick to really do intense work with.

I also have been using the huge pieces of polyester as batting in quilts - it works wonders! Its heavy warm and has a nice drape -- ! Try it!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I have too much stuff in my house!

Im overwhelmed.

I feel like I cant move without bumping into things and tipping stuff over. Here are two pics of when my house was clean and manageable.

Those two pics also give an idea of the size of my entire condo.

Its 250sf.

The Bathroom is behind the kitchen wall there where the sink and stove top are. I tore down the wall in between the Kitchen and the other room when I first moved in.

It never really felt too small until I got the bunk beds ... then, I started feeling cramped.

Now, with all the sewing stuff I feel really packed in here.

I think I need to try to make a plan. I got really depressed when no project seemed to really work out to my liking. I tried to paint it three times and hated it every time .. and Ive had great success in the past decorating. I got accepted to design school once upon a time .. I mean Im kinda good at design but, not in this house. Every idea seemed to fail.

Now - I just have piles of unfinished (home imporvement) projects everywhere ... I also lost 75% of the income I had when I bought the place -- so thats playing a MAJOR role in keeping projects that I started from being finished as well.

I have given away 3 quilts in the last week in an effort to rid myself of some of the things in my house .. but too much stuff is not the only problem here.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

More on this quilt ---

I added a green boarder to all of this.

I hope I can finish up this quilt soon - Im afraid that moving it around so much might make parts of it get stretched out -- oh well.

I still dont know quite how I want to quilt it anyhow.

Ill have to cut a few more blocks worth of pieces to finish putting the 4 piece blocks on the outside edges. I think the quilt is really a good one - it was fun to cut the pieces and have then line up. Ive not really been able to do that in the past.

My bright seat -

I love sitting in bright sun - not at the beach or in a bathing suit - but, right in the garden or at my sewing machine.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Modern quilt ---

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Test Piece!

Shirts for cutting -- 

My little house -- and my dog, George. When I pull fabrics for a quilt - I still always pull WAY too many! All thise stacks of shirts were test pieces for one quilt.