Saturday, September 22, 2012

Still cleaning -- idea's for 100% Polyester.

I have a huge variety of vintage 100% polyester fabric. Lots of the pieces are 6-7 yards long and 60 or so inches wide. 

The 100% polyester section of my stash accounts for probably only 20% of the whole but, The pieces are so big that they are a challenge to work with when I dont like them but present a great chance to get in some huge pieces for color blocks in quilts ... 

I got all this fabric last summer, from craigslist (site unseen). And ad showed up for 30 boxes of fabric for 20.00. I jumped on it. I was sorta new at sewing and did not care - (I would still buy it now) - Anyhow ... here are some projects Ive made from that fabric. 

The above quilt is double sided - no batting - 100% polyester.

The above quilt is 100% polyester - no batting - polyester back. (Gees bend copy)

The above quilt is 100% polyester - poly back, also and a cotton batting.

                                                   The above quilt is 100% poly double sided

The above quilt is 100% poly and cotton batting poly back

The above quilt is 100% poly - no batting 100% poly back

The above quilt is 100% poly - with light cotton batting and poly back.

  I made all of those quilts from that 30 box stash I bought on Craigs list. I like working with poly in projects that can be applique or not many small seams - when there are lots of seams old style polys are too thick to really do intense work with.

I also have been using the huge pieces of polyester as batting in quilts - it works wonders! Its heavy warm and has a nice drape -- ! Try it!

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