Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday quilt shopping?

I know just the place to buy some quilts! Right here! The Price listed is the regular price - I will Take 50.00 off the price of any of them - and ship for free if bought from 11/22-11/25

That red one is a king size quilt - it is 475.00

The one with the red border is a queen size quilt it is 275.00

The red one is 200 it is a large double.

This is a queen size it is 275.00

This wild one is a king size it is 400.00

This is a queen size 275.00 

The above quilt is a light applique throw - it is 100.00 

I have lots of quilts made and ready to sell!

Now is the time to order one if you want it for Christmas!!

Now is the time!

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