Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New work - Irish Chain + Pixels.

3 inch unfinished squares are sexy.

I cant get away from them!

Here is another quilt made from them - entirely. No strip piecing!

This is the top -

This is after quilting -

Close up of quilting - 

I used my "extreme recycled batting" cheat for this quilt.

I have so much old 70's double knit in my stash - I keep piecing together enough to fill a quilt and -- MAN can I tell you how perfect the weight is? And the quilts have a drape that my other quilts with traditional batting dont have.

So, Stuff old crap fabric inside your quilts - its gets rid of trash - and trash has a great drape!

I think the layer of poly will be warm -- w/o being gross warm. Because its just one layer of fabric. Not the thickness of a poly batt.


  1. I am so impressed by your piecing and quilting and doing it all with repurposed fabric. I want to make an Irish Chain so I have some questions-- Did you really just cut 3" squares? What unit size blocks did you sew them into first? I'm lucelu on PatterReview. If you are on Facebook, you must join BadAss Quilters Society!

  2. Loving the colors in this one. Don't laugh, but I backed away from the screen to see if the "pixels" turned out to be a photo of Marilyn or something. :-)

  3. Hey you two

    -- No Marilyn ... but, what a great idea! If I could do stuff like that -- I WOULD!

    Yes, I cut a pile of 3 inch squares from each of the sheets - I just cut them all right up into 3 inch parts. Then made the pieces each 5 pieces long and then 5 of those wide -- there are only two blocks in this quilt - the block with the red pieces and the other block. Each of the blocks is 5 blocks wide by 5 long. I made the ones with the red, then the grey blend ones and -- then put them together.

    Let me know if that helps.