Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Piecing blocks!

Im learning how to piece blocks that are all one finished size.

Im a slow learner.

One of the pleasures of making free form quilts is there is no seam allowance, there is no matching - who cares?

Well, Ive made two years of those quilts and needed to move onto a new something.


Im loving doing the work. I like cutting fabric, I love sewing it. I like looking at how the colors come together. Im not so good at coming out with one size blocks when Im done. I just finished making -78 blocks that were supposed to finish at 12 by 12 inches. Most of them finished at 11.5 by 12. So thats fun, right?

Its a PITA to do new things and fail at them. But, its the way of learning. And, I am learning.

Here are some pics of the quilt I am working on i think that it will be a nice quilt when it is finished i want it to be about a queen size - I bought the batting today.


  1. It's coming along really well! LOVE the colors--like a cardinal in the winter shrubbery. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I love ,Love the Colors. It is beautiful..