Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sewing like a crazy person!

I just went through a odd cycle with quilting. For about two weeks I had no ideas - and no desire to quilt. Then, I got this itch to start again and - Ive been quilting like crazy.

I never thought I was going to quilt fussy/fancy looking quilts. And, when my work started to look more polished I was nervous that I was done wanting to quilt. I did not see any styles that I really liked that were finished and fancy - I started quilting loving the work of the Gee's bend quilters.

I do not relate to the modern quilt movement.

So, where was I going with my quilting? I was lost.

One of my friends suggested I look at the scrap quilts on -- I love them! I started looking at more scrap quilt patterns and got really inspired again to start quilting.

I feel like I can go forward and learn more about cutting, and accuracy and keep my fabric style and overall look by making scrap quilts and using those sort of patterns to go crazy with.

So, I started making this quilt with 20 inch blocks made of 100 half square triangles each.

Im crazy and I love it.

The above block is one of the early ones I made in this process -- I have made more pieces three times sense then. I wanted more variety in the blocks.


  1. It's so funny to speak about your "early" quilts because didn't you just start quilting this year? Anyway, your "early" quilts were not like anything anyone else is doing. You really aren't like anyone else and don't need to "join" somebody else's movement. Your freedom and self-reliance is inspiring to me! In fact, I finished quilting a piece today and thought of you and how you approach the quilting and I had the time of my life! I will probably blog about it tomorrow or sometime this week, but I do want to thank you for being such an inspiration to me!

  2. I know - its silly, but I cant make the ones I used to make anymore. I have been quilting for 2 years (at Christmas) - and make a lot of work so I feel like I moved through a style that I liked into a no mans land where I did not have any guidance for a bit. THEN I found and saw all types of super scrap quilts with patterns. I wanted to make patterns and did not want to get into feeling forced to buy new fabrics. But, Now Im liking new fabrics b/c quilting fabric has smaller scale prints that look really good in tiny pieces! So, I guess I was trying to get across that more than wanting to sound like Ive been quilting for so long.

  3. And, big THANK you for the compliments and posts you make to my page It feels great and I love it. I just was at your page - I LOVE your quilt - Im making one like that next! Your Kitties have a great life - and good on your man for finding another job!