Wednesday, December 19, 2012

chat boards.

I think I'm ready to give up on another chat board.

I cant stand the petty babysitting that goes on.

One lady really told me to stay on topic in threads - in the same post where she lamented the recent loss of her mother in-law. All in a sewing machine thread!

Im pretty tired of dealing with those ass holes.

Im unhappy about it. Im tired of it.

I started a new thread in the "quilting" section to talk about some quilts I had made -- and a lady said I should start my own blog. Im kinda tired of it.

Yesterday I made a joke about being done with social work and said now that Im a quilter I get to be the cutter for once - and now that post is gone.

Im not such a crazy person -

SO - I might STOP going to that website so often and come to my own more often. Where the people who visit like what I have to say. And enjoy the things I say.

Thank you for visiting my site.


  1. I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now and I have enjoyed reading it. Thanks for the time you put into it. Look forward to more entries.

  2. Well, Shane, what if you started your OWN chat group? I, too, enjoy your blog and the things that you have to say about your quilting and life in general!

  3. Hi Shane. I know whereof you speak (saw those posts, I think they feel threatened, after all no one forced them to click on your thread). Sometimes I have to step away from that site too because of some small minded beeyotches. I seriously banned the Misc. board for a month. Know that many there love and appreciate you including me. I see you are on Google plus. If you start a recycled quilt community there, I would join and love it. But don't let them run you off (many good members have been run off there --or just given it up in disgust in the past, I would hate it if you left).

  4. I just found you through there from the same (older now) thread where someone mentions you should have your own blog. I lurk mostly there and have for years (since 2008). I was on groups for other hobbies for many years and it is the same thing no matter where you go. After 15 years on the internet, I'm so over it which is why I mostly lurk. Anyways, I'm glad it was mentioned despite the initial snarkiness, otherwise I never would've found your blog! You make beautiful quilts. I only dabble in quilting but I love how you use clothing and sheets and such. I use sheets in garment sewing! Mostly for making muslins but some nice sateen sheets I collect like mad whenever I find it. They work wonderfully in garment sewing.

    I absolutely adore that, I think it was called tumbling blocks, that used men's dress pants as the fabric. Whatever it's called, it always reminds me of MC Escher's artwork. That and the one I think you made of denim.

    Thanks for sharing your work!

  5. Im glad to know there are other people who get fed up but still want the community - and try to find a way to balance it.

  6. I thought the 'cutter' comment was hilarious. But maybe that's because I did QA for a mental health facility for too long.

  7. I thought it was cute -- I have a really hard time seeing how that could be offensive.