Saturday, December 22, 2012


I have never been a person with lots of money around.

It can be really hard to relax and try to take time to not work.

Ok - Im going to try to say it again.

Not Work. (for a whole day .. for two days?)

I mean - "days off" is crazy talk in my life. I take breaks from work. I have fun. Im a drag queen for heavens sake! But thats work. Drag is fun work - but, its still work.

I hope all of us can find a way to take a few hours off - and not do anything. I dont think I can do a whole day or even a few days. But - I think I can take a few hours.

I already know what I want to do! I want to take George out for a walk - and walk really slow - and go to the dog park and sit and watch him play.

And, do nothing else. No magazine - No quilt planning or thinking about ways to pay bills. Just enjoy watching George playing with the other dogs.

That will be my more spiritual present to myself this year.

The material gift is sorta work related - Im going to buy some new kinds of threads to sew with and try out. Its fun for me, too. But thats my material gift.

I have not really given anyone gifts this year. I finally thought of a way to give a gift that would feel good. I have a friend who has three kids that I made quilts for last year. I just got in touch with his husband and asked for him to slip a card in his stocking from him and the kids for a big king size quilt for their bed. I think that is a great gift to give to someone. I think the kids will feel great about giving dad something and maybe the husband will feel excited about it too? I dont know - but I think if someone said "Hey here are some hand made dong treats give them to your dog" I would like it --

I am also working on a few things with the house - Im working on a re-finance and hopefully after that I will work on getting some improvements done that have been waiting awhile. Its a personal gift to myself. And Ive been working on it for months. But, its still in process.

Thank you for visiting the blog - and I hope everyone (everyone) can find way to give a surprise to a friend - an hour to rest their brain - find a way to give themselves a material gift and a try to do something to make their home, their home.

Again, thank you for visiting.

Ho Ho Ho

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