Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Well, Ive been working on this -

Im really happy with the way that it is coming out - I have to figure out what color to use for the binding --but other than that - it DONE.

Its made from 2 fabrics in the center - each other them is a stripe fabric -- then on the border there is a third fabric - the solid red -- other than that -- this quilt is one block and 2 fabrics I think thats pretty cool and pretty stunning for a simple quilt.


  1. Really beautiful! I like the green. Were these sheets? What did they start out as?

  2. Love it!! If it were mine, I'd use black for binding... maybe a black and red stripe cut crosswise? Or maybe you weren't asking for suggestions... in that case, I'm interested to see what you use!

  3. Hey you two - ! The fabric is some Merimekko fabric I had bought last spring - I finally dared to use it! I decided to use a very dark brown binding -- Ill try to get another pic of it now that its done. Its off hanging in the gallery now. It looked really good with that dark color in the binding. I almost used more of the red stripe fabric -- but there was not enough.