Friday, January 25, 2013

I worked with Laminated fabric today -

      I was supposed to make these pads for the place that shows my quilts in NOVEMBER -! I was dragging my feet because I really wanted to work with laminated cotton fabric and it took some time to convince the store owner that it was worth giving it a try -

      Well today I got the fabrics and put them together -- here is what the process looked like..

 I was so tired and pooped today - my pipes had frozen and I was not impressed. Forgive my bitch face?

The fabric was easy to work with - Amy Butler - pdf - all about this fabric and working with it. --

I was lazy and just sewed the edges shut -- no zipper no buttons. I never really learned how to do zippers - Im sure its simple - but, Ive only wanted to use a zipper -- a few times.

Ill post a pic of the things in their new home soon.

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  1. Those are really nice! Sorry to hear about your pipes freezing. Not fun.