Saturday, January 19, 2013

Old clothes quilts -

     I make quilts that use mostly old clothes and other used fabrics (sheets, curtains) - for a long time I made quilts that used exclusively old clothes or cast off fabrics from other sewists.

     Then, I started to include some quilting cottons. I love fabric and using new fabrics is as fun as using used fabrics.

     But, then - I started using used fabrics again... and love how things looked and felt. I love the feeling. I love the security that nothing is going to run in the wash - or shrink. The problem I run into most is having yardage in any print. Solids are easy to find because of sheets. But - even with the shortage of yardage in prints its no worry because I prefer the look of scrap quilts to other looks.

      I will continue to sew with what fabric catches my eye - I love recycling and I love recycled quilts.  I also love some new fabrics. And, lots of people donate new fabrics to me. Im going to use them. I consider donated fabrics re-used. I just inherited some lovely fabrics from the early 80s - florals that they dont make anymore. In colorways that they dont make anymore. I consider those recycled fabrics. New old stock.

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