Saturday, January 12, 2013

Recycled fabric quilt --

 I thought I would post a pic of the jean tumbling blocks quilt on display. I love the borders.

George, looking ready to tell me to stop taking flash pics of him.

This is all made from khaki and other mens dress pants.

I started to add borders - I wanted the quilt to be a king size - and decided the green/gold colors would make a great addition to the other tones in the quilt.

But, the green was too much alone - so I added some applique stars.

Before the applique

Free Motion quilting --

Well, here is the finished quilt -- 

I really love the quilt - of course one pic had to decide not to fall where I wanted it. The quilt is huge. King size with nearly 20 inc drop and tuck. Huge.


  1. It matches George! It's absolutely stunning and I'm so happy to be able to see your meandering quilting in that last shot. It's really a masterpiece!

  2. I had a great time quilting this quilt - I knew I just wanted easy and light quilting. It quilted really well with out puckers or tucks. George is just the cutest thing. I love him.