Friday, January 25, 2013

Scarf -- made from recycled scrap fabric.

            I love wearing scarf's - I am fat and my core stays pretty warm under a light coat and if I add a scarf .. Im a perfect temperature.

Here are some pics -

all text is for the pic under it -

This one is some strips of yellow and pink with batting -

All of those smaller pieces are pieced - and are leftover from a scrap border I made. This one is like a quilt - pieced with no raw edges -

This one is applique - But also built like a quilt - front/back + batting and binding -

This one is some flip and sew and some raw edge applique - joined inside out like a pillow -

Just a few more ways to use up scraps.


  1. How clever! Those would work well as wraps, you know, stoles or whatever you call them too. To go over the shoulders or wrap/loop through your arms. Made a tad wider and longer. How cozy.

    I made my guy a poncho to wear in the house during the summer when I keep the air conditioning blasting out of two store bought cheapo blankets quilted together with a hole cut and bound for his head. Quick and dirty, but he gets a lot of use out of it. It is reaching the end of its're giving me inspiration to use up some scraps and make him something different. Though it might kill me a little to cut a giant hole for his head in a quilt! Lol!

  2. Love these!! Hope you and George are staying warm!

  3. I love that idea -- there are so many projects that need to be quick and dirty. The best thing about these kinds of projects is -- you can slap some patches right over that hole if you decide you want to use it --- I make lots of drag dressed that I turn into quilts after. There might be posts on here about it .. I cant remember -- look at the search words -- "drag dress" or "quilt dress" ?

    @Patty - my pipes froze!! -- we got them fixed -- but, man whatta pain.

    1. Oh, yes, I have had frozen pipes, too, and it IS a major pain! I'm glad you got yours thawed.