Tuesday, January 15, 2013

School - journal post.

           I am going to start to use the "journal post" tag to organize posts that are thought and idea posts. 

          There might not be any tutorial or quilt related information in these posts. 

          School started for me today. I hate school and prob never should have went to college in the first place.   But, that choice is made so I decided to finish. Finishing has been hard. I have been "in the last semester" for 3 semesters. I hope this one is the one that seals the deal.

          I hate School. I wanted to be an artist - and had no art skills. I wanted to perform but, had to try to act straight in order to get a role. I hated that, too. 

          Sometimes I think about going to grad school - I would like to go to the quilt history college in Lincoln Nebraska. Online - legit. 


George (my dog) is doing great. 
We had a short winter thaw. 
I lost 10 lbs and am doing better with diabetes care. 

As much as I HATE school - I study politics - Dont get me wrong, I love politics. But, I decided on politics because I thought I was going to go into law - and then I took my first law class and wanted to die -- I hated it that much... but, was too far into politics to switch. 

I know - I ran for city council and all that - and I love the political process and could do that sort of work. But, I want to make quilts and do drag. 

Thats it. 

I want to make quilts and do drag. 

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  1. Congratulations on losing 10 lbs!! You're a very good quilt maker; don't need to go to school for that!