Monday, January 21, 2013

Use up the old polyester fabric!

I buy old yardage of polyester most of the time when I see it. Polyester fabric shows at  yard sales all the time and on craigslist - people seam to think its trash. Therefor they practically give it away! I love cheap fabric.

Polyester is easy to work with in quilting. The color never fades and its easy to wash/dry. I love it and am not ashamed of that at all.

Here is another quilt I just made from polyester fabrics -- The green solid is a cotton sheet.

In person - the dark color is brown - not red.


Ill take another pic in the AM in real light. I stayed up way too late tonight. Im hoping for a snow day tomorrow. Fingers crossed. 


  1. Although I never see poly yardage at sales here, I do occasionally see quilt tops made of poly scraps and, in fact, I own one myself! It was a gift from my partner's family. They were happy to transfer ownership, but the quilt is indestructible! There is quite a bit of snobbery with regard to fabrics used in quilts over the past 40 years and I think we all suffer from that in terms of limiting our creative effort. You do such great things with "alternative" fabrics and inspire me!

  2. - I get big loads of "donations" from my grand mother who has been saving polyester fabric from the dumps for decades. I end up with quite a bit of it. I like that the tones are so different from anything we can get today - and when I blend them with current colors they add an amazing scrap vibe that spans time instead of just a few seasons of colorways. If Im not "in love" with the pattern or color - I dont make myself save the scraps I use them for stuffing in a pillow.

    1. You are so right about the colors! And the textures are quite incredible as well.