Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Signature quilt to save my house!

This is a picture of a signature quilt my aunt made about 20 years ago. 

           Every year at thanksgiving the quilt comes out (after we eat) and everyone signs it. 

          Signature quilts are a historical part of quilting, too Quilters have been making signature quilts for weddings, birthdays, celebrations, people moving away and fund raising for events. People could pay some money and have their names put on a quilt - the more money they paid the closer to the center their name got. 

           I am doing a fund raiser to help me pay some back payments on my house. I fell behind and need to catch up again. I have income to stay in the house. I had some of my own medical problems and had both of my dogs get sick and that messed up my money. 

           Im fine now - but, I cant catch up. I cant get overtime anymore like I used to be able to, either. I am doing a signature quilt and hoping people will give money to be a part of it. 

          There are all kinds of levels - 5.00, 10.00, 20.00, 50.00 -- those all will buy a signature on the quilt. For 100.00 you will get a signature and a baby quilt. And for 300 you will get a signature in the center of the quilt and a queen size quilt made by me. 

          I joined a site called "gofundme" - its a real site that offers people ways to raise money online for any kind of project. 

          Here is the link to my site - http://www.gofundme.com/Save-Taffys-house  

          I will display the quilt in an art show and keep it to remind me that Im not as alone in the world as I often feel. I need some help. Please think about helping me. 


  1. Thank you Ms - you! There is a link above.. or, if I can make you anything Id love to. Let me know.