Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Two sides?

All of my scrap bins are overflowing! 

I pieced the back of this quilt from pulling pieces directly from the bin and piecing like mad. The quilt ended up being a king size quilt and, it quilted very flat. I would have been pretty disappointed if it ended up all wrinkled and a mess.  

Tomorrow, when the sun is out - Ill take better pics. If the sun come out. It is raining tonight and the temperature fell again. Almost to a point where using a quilt at night to stay warm would be a smart idea. For the last few days it was so hot that sleeping was a terrible tragedy. 

Buckeye Beauty quilt.

I saw this quilt in a pattern book and thought "that would use lots of scraps" and decided to make it.

I was very lucky this pattern allowed me to use the AccuQuilt. I cut all of the 2.5 inch squares with it. And, used up 4 bags of scraps in the process!

 Yeah - George is a cute dog.

And, I hate sun in my face.

I love on the Ocean.

Oh -- back to quilts -

That fabric is going to be the border.

My way. 4 patch.

I made enough 4 patch blocks to make two quilts. The second one needed to be mine. I made the first one to look like the one in the book. Why do that?

Awhile ago I bought some fabric with roses on it that I was in love with but was afraid to use. I decided it was time.

Here is how it came out -

What do you think? Does the floral overpower the blocks? Is that a bad thing (if it does)? 

For me, the blend is perfect. I am dreaming about the bed on the porch of my childhood camp. It was iron and sometimes had a hornets nest somewhere inside. That is the truth! 

But, it was on a screen porch near the lake. I loved it there. And, this quilt is now part of the memory even though it never was. 

Here is the first quilt. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

4 patch! I love this cottage/primitive looking quilt. Recycled fabrics!

I just made this quilt.

I am in love with it.

I love the quilt. I used recycled shirts for all of the 4 patch blocks and a salvage piece of french ticking for the background. Im really in love with the quilt. Does it look more primitive or cottage? I guess I dont know. I love it. 

New recycled jeans quilt -

Ive been busy!

I just finished this little 70 inch square quilt. It is to me a pick nick quilt. I love the border and the different colors around the binding. It photographs very nicely outside -- but, look at it inside! Mess!   

I got a new couch and tall shelf in my house and no longer have that great long wall to hang finished quilts for pictures. Im going to miss it Im positive!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Another new quilt -

I made this quilt as a commission. Lots of the fabrics on the front are new. The fabrics on the back are recycled/scrap fabrics. 

Recycled Jeans!

I made another in the set of recycled denim quilts -

Ive been working hard on quilts!

This is another in the tumbling blocks series. I love this pattern. And, lots of people have asked to buy one. So, I keep making it. I love the pattern and using up old jeans!

Quilt give away!

Im a nice queen - I give away quilts!

I had a show at Mamas Cabaret a few weeks ago. The show was great - it was hot as fuck and fabulous.

I loved it.

The people there made it special. The door guy took the time to call us all "Ladies" and walked us to and from the car. We got treated to some food! The house girls were like personal butlers! It was out of this world. I loved it. I hope the show was enjoyable to everyone.

Any-how .. I made this table cloth quilt as a give away. I told people it was going to the person who participated the most during the show.

The fabrics are recycled teeshirts!

New Quilt -

               I have made this block a lot - but, never have used this arrangement. I love the way it worked out. I made the quilt as a gift for the runner up of a drag show I was a judge in.

               I made this quilt from recycled fabrics!

I was in a MOVIE!

            Someone is filming a movie locally and, I got to be in it. They had heard about me from different people and decided that Taffy would be the perfect addition to their cast. I got to play a guidance Councillor. I got paid and everything. This is the costume I wore. The scene was all improve and I put all my years of therapy to use! I must have said every ignorant pop psycho-babel line Ive ever heard!
           We had hoot of a time.