Monday, November 25, 2013

Making a bed frame from salvaged wood doors?

For the few years Ive been gathering used/salvaged pieces of wood. Some parts I bought from the re-store, others came from building projects Ive seen near my house. Ive picked up some as "trash" and Ive picked up some in trade for loading dumpsters.

There was a work site next door and I went aver and asked if I loaded a dumpster if I could pick what I wanted.

I got some good stuff. - Here is the bed Ive been working on. The doors are about 36 inches wide. Im excited to cut off a few inches of the twin mattress and have a thin little canopy bed with a MASSIVE amount of hidden storage under it!

See the doors? There is also a door as the flat part of the frame. So far, I have only bought screws. But I think I will have to buy some pieces to frame the top. We will see what happens. I could go look for more doors.

The bed will stay in back of the couch and eventually it will get a top and nice curtains to block off the rest of the room. I usually have a housemate and this bed is my new way to add storage to my house and a great bed with privacy for a house mate.

I love small house living. It takes thought and work to come up with new ideas after the first round (or three) of ideas played out a course. For example - I have tried bunk beds, fold out sofas, fold up beds, sleeping in a loft and, living alone. I see lots of tiny house living blogs and articles where people seem to get tired of coming up with new ideas. I get it - Ive only been here 5 years and, it seems like when I express frustration about the house culture tells me that ive "outgrown" the house and it is time to "upgrade." But, I love this house and unless Im moving to warmer weather, I dont want to go anywhere. So, I keep working with what Ive got. What Ive got is a blessing and it is abundant. It would be less work to have a larger house in only one way - I would not have to think of ways to live comfortably while accumulating large quantities of shit. But, in EVERY OTHER way I would have to work more to have a larger house, starting with paying for more house! I dont want to spend more time strssing out about money. My heating bill in Maine is less than 20.00 per moth in the winter! I dont want to spend more natural resources to have the luxury of not thinking about space.

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  1. I like your thinking! You absolutely make the very best use of your working/living space!