Monday, November 4, 2013

New Quilting video - Straight Stitch quilting.

Hi -

I wanted to post a video that demonstrates a few of my quilty ideas. This video shows the Pfaff Grand Quilter sewing, we need more videos that show the machines actually doing their work. Finishing quilts with Straight Stitch quilting does a few things. It brings every sewing machine into the quilting game. Every machine does a Straight Stitch with no extra foot needed. Old machines are great - and cheap - and you can buy one and work it! The other great things about Straight Stitch quilting is, it finishes work in a fast utilitarian way. Utilitarian is beautiful. Remember the phrase "Form follows function?" You already know how to Straight Stitch - no need to learn Free Motion Quilting.

I also think most quilt teachers advocate for much more basting than is necessary. My goal is never perfection - my goal is to enjoy the process. Quilt tops that are flat will quilt flat even if you only use a few basting pins. Quilt tops that are poorly pieced will be poorly pieced tops no matter how many lbs of pins you baste with.

Quilt with speed if you want to.

Keep trying all kinds of techniques. People still enjoy making and receiving quilts as gifts. Simple, quality work will always be in style.

Im not sure why I cant embed video right now - but, here is the link to my new video.

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  1. The video is great! Most of the quilts I made in the 20th century were done "in the ditch" with straight stitching using a Singer 99K. I purchased it at a yard sale for $5. I've always felt that in the ditch quilting highlights the piecing, which is wonderful when you've spent some time on an intricate block to make it right. But the straight line stitching that you were doing in this video is also wonderful and really does hold the sandwich together quite securely.