Thursday, November 7, 2013

New topics - trying to eat more veggies.

Before I bought the house - before the economy crashed and changed my financial and emotional life, I was a vegan. I was vegan for about 2 years. When I ate that sort of food I felt really great and was able to lose some weight.

Here are some pics of the food I made last night.

Simple. Steamed squash, mashed up. Vegan.

It felt good to east some healthy food again. My friend bartered some handmade pottery for a quilt. I made the napkin. Homesteading interests me, as does tiny house living. I live in a small city. My goal is to post more about the things I do to try to make my small city life reflect beliefs I have.

Nothing aims to be perfect. I only want to try.

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  1. The bowl is so beautiful! I love this photo and am glad to hear that you are going to post more!