Friday, November 8, 2013

Tiny condo - making food.

Living small works great for me. I have a micro condo, 250 sf. Look for more posts about the small house goals and cheap living skills I'm trying to develop.

One goal is trying to make myself eat more veggies. Not any specific food goal besides eating tons of veggies and less garbage.

Dont look for chef made foods - not a foodie - and do not aspire to be. But, look for things that are simple and try to be high quality.

Posting pics and trying to fine more people to chat with about small homes, living with less by choice, having more time to do the things I love. Every hour that I dont spend working for someone else I get to enjoy my own hobbies.

Ive been eating better foods for about 8 days. (Today is November 8, 2013.) I am diabetic (type 2) and have been tired for the entire last year, when I was first diagnosed as diabetic. Medication did not really work and gave me unacceptable side effects.

Anyhow -

I got this stuff at the grocery store today.

Im making steamed squash soup with apples. 

While the water was steaming the squash and apples - it worked double duty by making a stock.

Mash it up!

Im trying to make a new deal with myself to stop all other activity while I eat. This is trite - but, today I watched the sun setting and how the light moved with the clouds. Some good ideas for quilting with dimension came from that. Tasting and chewing food is so basic. It is where I am. 

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  1. Just so you know, I have been successful at controlling diabetes through careful eating. I do not have to take meds and my numbers are so low! Switched to whole grain pasta and bread and use less meat. Lentil and quinoa stews with lots of veggies and kale/mustard greens/collards and veggie stir fry on a regular basis are satisfying (use Jasmine rice) and healthy. If I get an urge for sweetness, I have a piece of organic dark chocolate (no cake, cookies or supermarket candy) or fresh pineapple. Good luck, Taffy!