Sunday, July 6, 2014

I missed all kinds of responses!

Im sorry I missed all of those comments until today.

Thank you for writing to me and commenting about the circle quilt designs, asking for more videos, commenting about the bed Ive been working on - thank you for every comment.

I had a shitty new job for a few months and forgot all about looking at this blog.

Here are links to the other places where I hang out online. If I disappear from here Im either on facebook or youtube.

Taffy on youtube

Making my own bed frame.

Ive been working on making a bed frame from salvaged doors for a few months.

I finally got to the point where I needed to trim my mattress to fit the new bed size.

Anther magazine quilt pattern --

This pattern went together pretty fast. It looks pretty intricate though. 

I messed it up, because its easy, right? 

 Pretty easy to fix.

Another quilt finished!

I found a picture of a quilt I liked and decided to try to recreate it.

I made the 9 patch interior of the vintage quilt I saw but, got tired of making a copy and decided to go out into my own design world. I added some borders. Two turquoise strips and two pieced. One of the pieced borders used a method I saw on a modern quilting site. The other border is a simple postage stamp. The last pic is one of the back of the quilt

The long form blathering quilter.

I have been making some hour + long videos and posting them on youtube.

I mostly just sew and blather. Some people like that sort of thing. If you think you might like watching me sew - feel free to check out the videos.

In this video I strip piece for an hour.

Singer 500a -

I got a new machine.

It is a Singer 500a, Rocketeer. When I found it on craigslist. It was a frozen up mess. 

Nothing would turn, the dials would not move but, the light would come on! I brought it home and did some serious oil and cleaning and now it is working pretty well. Ive got all the stitches working and the hand wheel adjusted. Now, I only need to get the feedogs cleaned out. The stitch plate lift is still frozen up. I hope to work on that today. 

Here are some videos of me working the machine - 

Baste a quilt in less than 15 min!

In this video I show how I baste a quilt in less than 15 min.

My quilt commercial!

I have been working on a "Trip around the world" pattern. I saw the pattern on the cover of a magazine and thought it was the best new quilt pattern. After I got about 15 hours into making the quilt - I started searching for border ideas and discovered that the pattern was the old "trip around the world" pattern.

I get frustrated with magazines and authors selling recycled patterns as new.

I think many people would be happy to jump in and make old patterns. Why lie and pretend something is your personal design when its not?

I made my quilt with 2 inch pieces.

No strip piecing for the inside of my quilt. (There is some strip piecing in the border.)

Here are some pics of me doing the "Drag queen quilter" thing. I know Im tacky. Its my look.

My finished quilt.

My dog, George.

I need to add a binding. I think it will be bright turquoise.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Building a bed -

Im trying to make things from salvaged wood. I used dumpster doors to make this bed. Its not finished yet - but - its still pretty good.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

New video - and new machine.

Hi everyone - 

Im back with a new video and a new machine. 

Its been a long cold winter for all of us! I got myself a new job and have not had time to do much quilting.

But - Im getting settled into my new routine and have had some time to make some movies and quilts.

My facebook quilting page.

Im still scrap quilting like crazy.

But, I also have been working through a few commissions. The above quilt is a adorable little table top quilt i made for a client. She sent me tons of fabrics to make quilts from. Every week for months I got a box of fabric from her - and now Im slowly plugging through some quilt orders she asked me to make.

I also got a new machine - it is a Viking Sapphire 930. Great little machine. 

And George is still healthy and lazy.

Things are all good here. In addition to starting work again ive been doing a drag show every week for a few months. Ive still been really busty and enjoying life. Im posting all of the time on the facebook quilt page - but am thinking about posting more on this page, too. I miss having a blog.