Sunday, July 6, 2014

I have been working on a "Trip around the world" pattern. I saw the pattern on the cover of a magazine and thought it was the best new quilt pattern. After I got about 15 hours into making the quilt - I started searching for border ideas and discovered that the pattern was the old "trip around the world" pattern.

I get frustrated with magazines and authors selling recycled patterns as new.

I think many people would be happy to jump in and make old patterns. Why lie and pretend something is your personal design when its not?

I made my quilt with 2 inch pieces.

No strip piecing for the inside of my quilt. (There is some strip piecing in the border.)

Here are some pics of me doing the "Drag queen quilter" thing. I know Im tacky. Its my look.

My finished quilt.

My dog, George.

I need to add a binding. I think it will be bright turquoise.

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