Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Still quilting!

Hello to anyone who checks in.

Here is a link to my Instagram,


I hope you are doing well, and that last year was a wonderful year for you.

George and I are still happily living our lives. We try to walk as much as possible hoping to stay healthy while trying not to getting sunburns. The sun here in New Orleans is definitely a lot brighter than back home in Maine. I should rewrite that sentence. The sun here, at home in New Orleans, is a lot brighter than back in Maine. I try to remember that even in December sunscreen is necessary. I got a sunburn last week at the zoo, even though I'd worn SPF 60! If I forget to wear sunscreen when I walk George I get a small sunburn on my arms and on my bald spot even though we only walk for about 40 min.

A few years ago, I decided to go to graduate school. I'll be graduating in May. During my breaks, I get time to make quilts. I'm working on string quilts this break. Making string blocks brings back a lot of great memories. While making quilts this break, I got to empty two small boxes of fabric scraps as well as use up some scraps Id recently been gifted. I have a little time left in my break and hope to accomplish a lot more quilting.

Today, I'm working on putting together scrap quilt backs. I usually have a hard time deciding what fabrics can be forfeited from my stash to go on the back of quilts. Most fabrics possess something charming to me and delegating fabrics to the back of quilts can feel sad, my brain judgmentally saying "You're not pretty enough for the front..." like fabrics have feelings. I love piecing quilt backs with random mismatching fabrics, though, because mismatching and clashing fabrics are special to me. I love bohemia. I make compromises on the fronts of quilts hoping to sell them. The backs can be my own break from the formality of quilt rules and "design for sale" choices. So far today I finished one backing. Id like to put two more together before I take a break from putting backs together and let myself play with the string blocks again. I have the riot of fabrics out. There are cars, florals, plaid sheets, scraps from other quilt backs that were made too large - all the pieces will go together to make a glorious mosh pit of pattern and color. Hiding out on the back of a more subtle quilt front. It is all very romantic to me.

George is begging for more treats. He has had a very good holiday season and its time to start to cut back on his goodies.

Lets all enjoy the romance of knowing that the face we have to wear every day doesn't have to be "us" that lives behind that story. Today the real story is on the back of the quilt, I won't even mind if nobody ever looks to see it.

Friday, September 2, 2016

It is Labor Day weekend!

I love this holiday .... I'm having a sale on my Etsy to celebrate the cooler weather coming.

George and I are making quilts and going to New Orleans parades this weekend. So much fun.

I was out shopping and saw this hilarious pic! Mirror images are not who we are! I am the person I see reflected in the faces of people who love me.

Although ... I did take this selfie today, too.

Quilt stuff?

I'm making a star quilt for my bed. It will be partially scraps and partially other fabrics that were gifted to me or bought.

I think I'm going to make an effort to make it clash as much as possible!

Hope you all will find some fun this weekend. It's for us. The workers.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

New Orleans ... hot + wet!

I have been sewing scrap quilts. Making new fabric from scraps!

Nothing new here. I can't claim to offer any new skill. I can offer support! Get out the scraps and make something! Finish the project!

Screw filling a closet with UFOs!

Get the scrap bin out and sew some bits together ... and keep going. It is mindless fun.

Facebook owns my quilt life ... no good.

Hi, Everyone.

Earlier in the year I had some real drama with facebook. Drag queen names are still being challenged and profiles are still being lost.

Along with profiles are pictures and friends. Gone.

I'm going to make a solid effort to bring my quilt life to this page. To start. I'm in New Orleans! George and I made it here a year ago and we are beyond happy to be living the adventure dream.

My quilting style is the same ... start with recycled and scrap fabric ... and sew!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday, July 6, 2014

I missed all kinds of responses!

Im sorry I missed all of those comments until today.

Thank you for writing to me and commenting about the circle quilt designs, asking for more videos, commenting about the bed Ive been working on - thank you for every comment.

I had a shitty new job for a few months and forgot all about looking at this blog.

Here are links to the other places where I hang out online. If I disappear from here Im either on facebook or youtube.

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