Thursday, March 15, 2012

my first quilt

i started sewing in december 2011. i wanted to sew clothes. i thought quilting was for old anal ladies.

then, i made some crap clothes - that were better than i expected them to b. i decided i wanted to try to make a crazy quilt. i found a "flip and sew" way to make some crazy looking quilt blocks.

i made a bunch of blocks and decided to sew them together - it turned out that my first quilt was a perfect size for a shower curtain.

if you are up to date on new fabrics, youll see some new fabrics in there. i hated working with new fabric. i love fabric. but, the new stuff just feels like it has too much earth impact and too much abuse for the workers. so, i started to use used fabrics.

anyhow - look at all of the different shapes in there. lots of the shapes here are straight lines and blocks. not really a crazy quilt ... but, my idea of a crazy quilt was...  any fabric / odd shapes.

i used a foundation piece and sewed all the pieces on top  what does that mean? look at the "flip and sew" tutorial.

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