Tuesday, March 6, 2012

quilt over a quilt?

ive made some nasty quilts. i feel like im ready to sew a new quilt right over the old ones that suck. i want to just make new tops and cut off old bindings and sew the new tops on and put on new bindings.

my quilts will end up like dig sites in the future. or, the thing that never will dry and molds. if i quilted a new top over an already made quilt that would be a heavy ass quilt! i love heavy quilts. i started a jeans quilt tonight -- but, its not boring because the jeans are all jeans that a painter tossed out. so, they have all this paint stuck on everywhere. pretty cool looking.

maybe ive got a new front for this ugly ass quilt!
i made this b-4 i ever heard of the gees bend quilters, it was one of the first quilts i ever made.

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