Thursday, March 8, 2012

radical recycled quilt batting

i use everything fabric in my quilts.

my neighbor tossed a giant bag of used painting clothes on the sidewalk last summer. i brought the whole bag up here and boxed it up for "later." I loved the textures of the paint. but had no sewing skills and did not want to mess up the fabric.

this is a blog about how I used the heavy sweaters, and sweat-material as batting.

here are a few pics...

i just cut up the material at the seams and lay one piece in at a time. i dont pin my quilts to quilt them. i HATE pins. its easy to lay in some thick fabric - sew over it - then lay in more.. repeat, repeat.

after putting the layer of "batting" inside the quilt - flop the top back over and quilt away.

with enough stitching - or tight enough channeled quilting those inside pieces are not going anywhere.

i sometimes use scraps as batting also - i dont worry about making a flat inside because i like lumpy quilts. i dont try to have a perfect coverage either. i just put a piece in and quilt - put another piece in and quilt.

dont forget to take out zippers and buttons. dont put in things that will shrink in the dryer.

another example of the back - the "batting" (red) and the quit top (brown) .. easy.

here is the top folded down - ready to quilt.

finished quilt - painters quilt. twin size. (can u find the puppy nose?)

im happy. utility quilt.

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