Saturday, March 17, 2012

Recycled fabrics and Bed Bugs !?

I love sewing with my recycled fabrics! Where can cheap old fabric be found? How do I make sure I dont bring home bed bugs?

I find fabrics on the street (in bins and bags), at resale shops, friends drop off clothes, people catch up with me on facebook to give me scraps....  used fabric is everywhere! There are free clothes on craigslist sometimes, too. Most resale shops that are not for profit will have days where a certain color is 1/2 price. I shop on those days or, for those colors.

I buy prints, solids, and stripes and patterns. I buy brights and whites and everything else.

I havent had good luck finding recycled fabric quilters online that seem legit. Maybe, I just dont like that say words like "scrappy" and "wonky".

I dont like "whimsy", either.

Dont get me started with "upcycle."

That quilt is made from a red sheet and a while sheet. There is an old blanket in the middle and a sheet on the back. Guess what else? Used fabrics dont "run" or "bleed" !

Some great fabrics for quilting?

Jeans! (with the right needle, a jeans needle)
Tee shirts! (sometimes stretchy.)
Prom dresses!
Couch Covers!

Now, we live in a world where bed bugs are a reality. I ALWAYS put used fabric brought into my house through a hot water wash and dry on hot. This method has worked for me, please search out information on bed bugs online, so you will feel you take the right precautions for you.

I dont have a car and while there is laundry in my building I take my fabrics to the laundry mat to wash and dry them before I bring them into my house.

There is so much information online about bed bugs - find what you feel is right and follow it.

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