Thursday, August 30, 2012

More lines .... miles of lines.

Ive been going crazy for strip quilts - I have so much fabric here at the house. This process is a great way to use up smaller pieces and HIDE some uglies. When I first started quilting I was buying new fabrics - Im trying to get all of those used up also. I have let my collecting fabric totally take over my little house. Im feeling like its too much and I want some of my space back.

Ive been feeling a little down - I am going through some stuff and the end of the summer is a sad few weeks for me.

Of course, the Drag Queen Quilter has real (REAL) long man nails. I have no idea why I love long fingernails. I just do. I used to chew and eat the sides of my fingers till they would bleed and be infected. Its was gross.

So, now that I quilt and have to look at my hands all the time I like to have them (sorta) nice looking. I also let them get gross and unpainted - but keep them pretty long.

I signed up for classes today - I think this is the last year of working on the BA.

I might make a movie tonight - or quilt and quilt. I have a show to put up next week and have some great ideas for projects. I had finished two quilts for the show - but, they got given away.

I know some people are looking at this blog. I hope it gives you some fun thoughts. I enjoy the feedback and responses.

Im working on some new ways to do some radical recycling for quilt batting's - using some larger uglies for batting instead of the smaller pieces of scrap Ive used in the past.


  1. Recent fan of your blog. Got hooked watching your sewing machine videos on Youtube. Keep it coming. I'm having a blast!

    1. Thank you for the feedback - It makes me feel good. I would like o make a movie soon -- they take and HOUR to load to youtube -- ! Yuck!

      Maybe later today.