Monday, August 13, 2012


Well, I got some more work done - and had a bat in the house!

I decided to use two browns around the edge - one of them looks dark red but - its brown.

I think I like it. I really like the way the seams look. I know for sure about that part. I dont know if my piecing has ever been this good before. Im not the best cutter so that is great growth for me, too.

Part of the entire learning process for me is seeing that I can create what I think are very cool art quilts that are also functional pieces --- but that creative part forces me to do things with quilting that other quilters would never really do -- like raw edge applique with a straight stitch with no fusing.

When I sit down and try to do basic quilting things like line up seams and cut accurate pieces - I cant do that well at all.

Im surprised at what my quilts look like when I try to do that type of accurate cutting and piecing. I like the results but, there is no doubt they are basic historic ish looking quilts. 

This quilt is made from recycled old sheets and Im going to free motion quilt it on a cotton batting --- Ill work on that tomorrow.

For now, its bedtime --- well, time to take out the dogs. Then bedtime.

Im so glad the bat flew down where my pillows are - I cant wait to go to bed!

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