Monday, October 29, 2012

Warm Quilts-

Hey Everyone -

I know there is a storm outside.

The best I can offer is a warm cover in a storm.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I have not been quilting much -

Im busy

Running for City Council


and, I got REALLY tired of living in a pig dump house.

I have been working hard cleaning out this dump. There was so much stuff I could not move without stuff falling everywhere.

Im not even making that up.

I have lots of piles now -

1 pile is for yardsale stuff
1 pile is for recycle
1 pile is trash.

Im also working on a give away pile - stuff I have that I think my friends might need or want.

Another thing Im really lucky to have -- is, I live in a little city where I can put things on the sidewalk and the walkers will pick the stuff up.

Two days ago, I put a few old windows I had picked up... with a plan for someday -- but that day is not going to come. They got picked up in less than 20 min.

My yardsale keeps getting put back because we have had so much rain! I need to get a nice day on a weekend to get that shit out of my place.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I joined a guy quilter link party --

Check out the other guy quilters --

Pillow -

I decided to make some pillows - These ones are made from some old things I had around. 

I hope to keep learning how to make better home dec. items. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

This is how it started ..

I saw a quilt I liked that was made like this --

So - I cut up a pile of pieces and made my own -- I did not have a pattern - but, I think everything is OK.                              

I really like the way it turned out -- I dont know that I have ever used white b-4 as a background. Well, I have made a few Red and white quilts -- I guess i have .. but, I like this one.

We will see how I finish it.

Most of these fabrics are commercial quilting fabrics that were given to me as scraps from my Aunt who is a quilter.

I used a cool process that I saw on a jenny doan youtube video -

I used 10 inch squares - sewn together at 1/4 inch all around the outside -- (right sides together) then cut them all into an *X* -- magic = 4 half square finished triangles.

The cutting took longer than anything else.