Tuesday, October 2, 2012

This is how it started ..

I saw a quilt I liked that was made like this --

So - I cut up a pile of pieces and made my own -- I did not have a pattern - but, I think everything is OK.                              

I really like the way it turned out -- I dont know that I have ever used white b-4 as a background. Well, I have made a few Red and white quilts -- I guess i have .. but, I like this one.

We will see how I finish it.

Most of these fabrics are commercial quilting fabrics that were given to me as scraps from my Aunt who is a quilter.

I used a cool process that I saw on a jenny doan youtube video -

I used 10 inch squares - sewn together at 1/4 inch all around the outside -- (right sides together) then cut them all into an *X* -- magic = 4 half square finished triangles.

The cutting took longer than anything else.


  1. I've always called this block arrangement "barnraising." The fabrics you've used are so cheerful!

    1. I am so glad you said that -- I thought it was bar raising -- and just did not take the time to look it up -- I was not sure if it was called barn raising if it was only a log cabbin block or if it was any block made in this pattern .. I am pretty happy with the quilting -- so far, Ive stitched in the ditch and then did a sort of 1/4 inch in stitch around the blocks -- sorta a old style quilting -- but, I decided to not use a batting and used a sort of silky polyester back -- so the quilt is super light but warm in not to heavy. Im liking it.